Newsletter March 2022

Spreading the Love of Books

Love of books

We set off to deliver the recently arrived BookDash books to the Khanyisela ECD Centres on what turned out to be a wet and rather muddy Wednesday, 15 February. The car was loaded with around 1500 little books in both English and isiZulu for the little ones to enjoy. We received some old favourites like ‘A Beautiful Day’ and ‘My Little Garden’ but were lucky enough to share a few new stories with the children of the amaZizi community.

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Newsletter November 2021

Dear Friends

The one thing we can always be assured of is change! There will always be change. At times this is hard to navigate but for growth it is inevitable. We are in the process of making some big changes but we are confident that we are growing ourselves and our work. From outgoing to incoming and what’s been happening on the ground, we share our progress…

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Newsletter September 2021

Hi All,

For a few years now Megan, Daphne and I have been discussing the way forward for the Khanyisela Project. Daphne and I have been administering the project for over 12 years and obviously could not carry on for ever. The Corona Virus pandemic gave us plenty of time to consider this and plans were made to administer the Khanyisela Project, the BabyBoost programme and the Royal Drakensberg Primary School (RDPS) under one umbrella. Still run as different projects but to employ a Project Coordinator to oversee all three entities.

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Newsletter April 2021

Hi All,

Daphne and I spent two weeks at the Cavern to prepare and help the pre-schools after they opened on 15th February. It was a busy two weeks!

We had already ordered toys (19 boxes) which were delivered to the Cavern and bought stationery and some toys in Gqeberha (I had to check how to spell it and I still can’t pronounce it perfectly). So, prior to the schools opening we checked the toy delivery and packed them, along with stationery and sanitary products, ready to distribute to each individual school. Fortified porridge also had to go out.

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Newsletter November 2020

Hi All,

Daphne and I have been at home in Port Elizabeth, except for two visits to our family in Montagu, since the week before lockdown in March. This has been, for us, a good time to repair and update things in our flat that have needed doing for a few years. So, our positive saying is,” there is always some good that comes out of bad”.

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Newsletter August 2020

Hi All,

Well it has been an abnormal last few months with Covid-19 lockdowns in place. All the Khanyisela pre-schools closed down in the third week of March and as of the 25th August have not yet re-opened. Most are planning to open at the beginning of September.

As the teachers rely on school fees for their salaries none of them were going to be paid during the time the schools were closed. However, we, with the help of donors were able to supply them with food parcels and monetary payments to help them and their families get through these trying times.

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Newsletter July 2020

The SORO Little Flowers school has been completed. Now we anxiously await the Governments announcement of when Early Childhood Development Centres can open.

Claudette, the principal, has told us that the community are very excited to have this new school building in the area. Normally when we build a school in an area the number of pupils attending goes up dramatically. In these trying times let us hope the same happens at Little Flowers.

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Newsletter April 2020 B

Khanyisela News Flash

Sitting here, comfortable and well fed in our flat overlooking the beach in Port Elizabeth, Daphne said to me I wonder how our Khanyisela teachers are getting on in the Amazizi village in the Northern Drakensberg?

Well, as the schools are closed and they rely upon the children’s school fees for their salaries, we realised that they would probably be struggling with money to buy food.

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