Our Aims

A large, high quality body of evidence , derived from 111 studies conducted in 40 developing countries, shows that early childhood interventions can have a reliable and positive effect on cognitive development.” – Early childhood development and cognitive development in developing countries. University of Hong Kong, 2014, Rao et al, funded by the UK Department for International Development.

We believe that by focusing on early childhood development, we contribute to the wider impact: transforming not just the lives of children, but their communities, and ultimately their countries, making them healthier and more competitive in the global economy.

Our aim is quality childcare. Quality childcare also helps parents to work and be more productive. Access to quality childcare increases stability by limiting absences, employee turnover, and other issues that reduce productivity. And there’s a pressing need for such access as many countries seek to increase their rate of female employment.

Our Aims

The Northern Drakensberg Khanyisela Project aims to:

Assist in the creation of a network of educational facilities in keeping with national and international standards.

Provide learners with a solid foundation for life-long learning, ultimately creating a community with a sense of self-respect and empowerment.

Stimulate the local economy by contracting small businesses/individuals from the community for the services required by the project.

Our assistance, with your help, can enable meaningful change to the development of this area and the country as a whole. As a non-profit organisation, we are able to make this positive contribution through the support of donors and funding agencies.

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