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Khanyisela News Flash

Sitting here, comfortable and well fed in our flat overlooking the beach in Port Elizabeth, Daphne said to me I wonder how our Khanyisela teachers are getting on in the Amazizi village in the Northern Drakensberg?

Well, as the schools are closed and they rely upon the children’s school fees for their salaries, we realised that they would probably be struggling with money to buy food.

So Daphne said to me, “Should we look at giving them a voucher for Spar or Shoprite for food? “.

We emailed all the board members and all thought it was a good idea.

The idea of vouchers did not work out as the transport to and from Bergville to buy the food was problematic.

A few months ago a local farmer opened a depot for vegetables not far from the village. We did not know exactly what they sold, so after a phone call to one of the local teachers, we found out and also got an idea of what food the teachers needed.

We contacted the depot (Natalheim) and asked if they could prepare food parcels? A silly question. They have been very helpful and prepared these “parcels” (not really parcels as each one is approximately 55kgs of food). Maize meal, potatoes, rice, flour, onions, beans, butter nuts and oil.

Some of the food awaiting Delivery The first Delivery for 3 Teachers

Today Day 26 of lockdown, the 21st April, deliveries of the food to the school teachers is starting thanks to Megan and Hilton, (The Cavern) Jean Carte (Montusi Mountain Lodge), Peter Carte (Sungubala Echo Camp) and Loretta and Chris (All Out Adventures).The teachers will have food for a while.
Our thanks go to all the people who have donated to our project. We know that we normally only buy resources and use the funds for teacher training etcetera, but we felt that due to these exceptional circumstances our generous donors would approve.

The fortified porridge, which is normally delivered to the school has also been delivered so the parents/carers of the school children in the community can feed it to the children at home.

If anyone would like to donate towards future food to the community, please click this link 

Please use lockdown-mobile number as your reference.

Keep safe everyone.

Dave and Daphne.

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