Newsletter September 2021

Hi All,

For a few years now Megan, Daphne and I have been discussing the way forward for the Khanyisela Project. Daphne and I have been administering the project for over 12 years and obviously could not carry on for ever. The Corona Virus pandemic gave us plenty of time to consider this and plans were made to administer the Khanyisela Project, the BabyBoost programme and the Royal Drakensberg Primary School (RDPS) under one umbrella. Still run as different projects but to employ a Project Coordinator to oversee all three entities.

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July 2015 Update

Hi All,

On a recent trip to one of our schools with some guests we were asked for our website address!! Daphne and I being of the older generation did not think of a “website” but we then thought that was a great idea and so “yes” our website has arrived. We still have some work to do on the site but it is accessible. Any suggestions will be great!!! Continue reading “July 2015 Update”